About Dori & Dori + Fede

Dori&Dori is a musical project born from friendship. We are Dorela Cela, soprano and Teodora Drozdik-Popović, mezzo-soprano, and we first met in Luxembourg during a masterclass with Jennifer Larmore. It was there that, in the most natural way, we decided to join our ways. We were united by a deep love for singing, food, talking, and travelling and especially by the irresistible urge to steal a smile from those who listen to us and evoke emotions in them. We wish to offer a high-level music performance but with a less formal and rigorous approach. During our concerts, we would like to keep the public involved, explaining to them what we are doing and interacting with them. We realised that when people can understand more in-depth the context and the content of a piece, they can more easily follow and enjoy the performance. Till now, we have successfully performed multiple times in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Serbia and Mexico, and we are looking forward to all our upcoming adventures.