About Dori & Dori + Fede

Dori&Dori is an international musical project that sprouted from a deep-seated friendship. Meet Dorela Cela, a soprano with a voice like silk, and Teodora Drozdik-Popović, a mezzo-soprano with a rich, resonating tone. Our journey began during a quiet masterclass with the legendary Jennifer Larmore in Luxembourg, a chance meeting that felt destined.

Our connection is rooted in a shared love for music, the simple pleasure of good food, leisurely conversations, and the joy of travel. Most importantly, we share an earnest desire to bring smiles to our listeners' faces and stir emotions within them. Our aim is to deliver music of the highest caliber without the stuffy formality often associated with classical performances.

After finding ourselves continuously seeking the pianist Federico Mosquera Martinez to join us in our performances, he became an organic part of our duo. Together, we form a trio that harmonizes effortlessly and adds a unique dimension to our music.

During our concerts, we strive to keep the audience engaged by explaining the context and content of our pieces, believing that a deeper understanding enhances the listening experience. So far, we've had successful performances in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Serbia, and Mexico, and we eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead.