Dori & Dori - introductory article by Paola Mazzullo 

"To the already valuable team, two singers were added in the second part. Or rather, two cats; no, even better, a papageno and a papagena!Dorela Cela and Teodora Popovic, soprano and mezzo-soprano, made the performance even more fun (and musically excellent). The two young opera artists met in Luxembourg, during a master class, become friends and accomplices of an artistic spirit that's technically rigorous but open to playing with the public, and ultimately formed a duo called "The funny duo".Taste for disguise, great communication and theatrical expressiveness was combined with musical rigour and brilliant vocality. They then performed the Duetto Buffo di due Gatti by Gioacchino Rossini and the famous Mozart-duo taken from The Magic Flute.
They were fantastic!" (Alessandra Branca, Ticino Notizie - original in Italian)