Dori&Dori Duo is passionate about classical music and opera, and we've embarked on a journey to blend our personal interests and affinities with a mission to engage a diverse and ever-widening audience. Our projects are a testament to this commitment, where we strive to bridge the gap between seasoned classical music lovers and those new to the enchanting world of opera and classical singing.

One of our standout projects, "The Funny Side of Opera," and its delightful variant, "Love, Comedy, Opera," have captured the hearts of a wide-ranging audience. We were thrilled to witness the magic of classical music unfold, as both experienced enthusiasts and newcomers alike reveled in these entertaining performances. What truly warmed our hearts was the ability to captivate children and young adults, igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for the classical music realm.

While "Voyage in Chamber Music" and "Love is in the Air" offer a more traditional approach within the classical singing world, they remain cherished gems in our portfolio. These projects embrace the timeless elegance of chamber music and classical singing, resonating with those who appreciate the rich heritage of these art forms.

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